About this blog

So many people have asked me, and members of my extended family, how we select, plan, and enjoy so many great holidays with our family.  Amazing inter-generational family vacations aren’t rocket science, but there are definitely some tips that I have learned in planning more trips than I can count.   I hope that through this blog others can be inspired to plan their own fabulous family trips.

I will focus on providing inspiration and suggestions for destinations that lend themselves to inter-generational and large groups,  planning tips, and ideas to
make your vacation even more memorable.

While I will share my strategies for saving money and getting the most value for your holiday dollar, I don’t have a ton of experience doing vacations on the cheap.  That said, many of my suggestions for planning and creating a great family getaway are applicable not just to luxury trips, but to those of any budget.


About me

I am the travel-obsessed mother of two (aged 4 and 5) and currently live in London with my husband.  The rest of my extended family lives in the United States.  I am incredibly bMaija at Disneyland Parislessed and fortunate to have both my parents and in-laws alive and healthy and willing to travel frequently with us.  Additionally, I have two brothers, a brother-in-law, three sisters-in-law,  and three nephews with whom  I love to vacation with as well.

I fell in love with intergenerational travel after the birth of my son in 2010.   My husband and I had a wonderful, romantic “babymoon” in the Maldives. In planning our first big post-baby holiday,  we realized we needed way more space and help than we could get from any high-end resort.    Plus, we both had parents who were eager to spend as much time as possible with their new grandson.    We realized that for the same amount of money we spent on a week-long trip for two in the Maldives, we could take our entire family to a six-bedroom beach house with private pool, have our family around to help us, and have the space we needed for baby naps, preparing baby food, doing laundry, and be in luxurious surroundings.  That first trip was such a success we have made it an annual tradition to do one big vacation with both sides of our family.  In addition, we have done countless shorter trips with sub-groups of our family.

The favorite parts of my trips are selecting destinations and that first cocktail of the holiday.  The worst parts for me are going through the airport and unpacking after the trip.